Penn State College of the Liberal Arts Department of Applied Linquistics

Applied Linguistics

People have always sought to understand one another, but given the extent and degree of current globalization, achieving this understanding has grown more urgent than ever. Along with the opportunities that globalization has engendered have come specific social, educational, political, and health-related challenges. In order to address some of these issues, both at a conceptual level and in terms of practice, Applied Linguistics has developed as a multidisiciplinary academic and applied pursuit. Depending upon the theme and locus of their research, scholars draw from - and contribute insights to - a variety of academic and professional fields, including education, medicine, law, sociology, anthropology and literary studies.

Applied Linguists may address issues related to the learning and teaching of first and additional languages and the functions of language and literacy education more generally; the establishment of local and national language policy; or the uses and misuses of language in professional and institutional settings. Within these settings, Applied Linguists may study processes of language acquisition and socialization, communication among peoples of differing social and historical backgrounds, the role of language in shaping the identities of individuals and groups, or the part played by language in mediating and resolving conflict. Although the issues inspiring Applied Linguistics may be of immediate practical consequence, this research often expressly links the solution of practical problems to the consequences of actions and decisions for social justice.

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