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APLNG Printer in 312 Sparks Building

APLNG Printer in 312 Sparks Building


Who has access to the printer?

It is departmental policy that only those who have a teaching appointment in the Department will have access to the printer in 312 Sparks.

How do I get access to the printer?

When the teaching schedule for the semester is finalized, Sally will be informed of those who are teaching.  She will send a list of names and access accounts to the College's IT support, who will set up an account for you.  You will receive confirmation once they have completed setting up your account.  You will also receive instructions on how to log in to the computers in 312 Sparks.

How many copies am I permitted to print?

You are allotted 500 free copies a semester.

How will I know when I’ve reached my limit?

Once you have reached your limit, the printer will not allow you to print.  If you think you are close to the 500 limit, you can ask Sally to run a report for you, so you can see how many pages you have printed.  The report will include the document name, number of pages printed, the cost, and the date and time each document was printed.  You should also manually keep track of your printing jobs so you have an idea when you are close to the 500 limit.

Does a double sided print count as 1 or 2 pages?

It will count as 1 page.

How can I get more copies?

Additional pages can be purchased for $.03 per page.  When you wish to purchase more pages, please see Sally and let her know how many pages you wish to purchase.  The pages must be paid for in cash before they will be added to your account.

Can copies be carried over from one semester to another?

No, your account will be deleted at the end of the semester.  Sally will send the College's IT support a new set of access accounts at the beginning of each semester.  Only those teaching for the Department will be given access for the new semester.  Your limit count will begin on the day you receive your confirmation e‐mail to you indicating that you have access to print.

What am I permitted to print?

You should only print course materials that are needed for teaching.  Copies of course syllabi and other large documents should not be printed from the printer.   You are strongly encouraged to post syllabi, assignments and other handouts to ANGEL, where they can be downloaded by students.