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New Book by Johnson and Golombek

Karen E. Johnson, the Kirby Professor in Language Learning and Applied Linguistics, and Paula R. Golombek (University of Florida) published a new book entitled Mindful L2 Teacher Education. A sociocultural perspective on cultivating teachers' professional development.

Taking a Vygotskian sociocultural stance, this book demonstrates the meaningful role that L2 teacher educators and L2 teacher education play in the professional development of L2 teachers through systematic, intentional, goal-directed, theorized L2 teacher education pedagogy. The message is resoundingly clear: Teacher education matters! It empirically documents the ways in which engagement in the practices of L2 teacher education shape how teachers come to think about and enact their teaching within the sociocultural contexts of their learning-to-teach experiences. Providing an insider’s look at L2 teacher education pedagogy, it offers a close up look at teacher educators who are skilled at moving L2 teachers toward more theoretically and pedagogically sound instructional practices and greater levels of professional expertise.

Johnson, K. E., & Golombek, P. R. (2016). Mindful L2 teacher education. New York, NY: Routledge.