Ph.D. Program Graduates

Ph.D. Program Graduates
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Guadalupe Rincon, Ph.D.
Graduate student academic socialization through mentored writing interactions: Between empowerment and marginalization
UX Qualitative Researcher, JPMorgan Chase & Co


Bryan Buschner, Ph.D.
ALL in the dialogue: A discourse analytic approach to advising in language learning
Soka University, Hachioji, Tokyo

Yingying Liu, Ph.D.
Multiword constructions in published and student mechanical engineering research articles
Department of English, College of Foreign Languages, Ocean University of China

Brett Diaz, Ph.D.
The affective practices of health policy implementation: Rural, elderly health policy in the face of the opioid epidemic

University of Toronto – St. Michael’s Hospital/Wilson Centre/Unity Health

Nicolas Doyle, Ph.D.
Reconceptualizing language in community-based adult ESL: A Vygotskian sociocultural theoretical professional development intervention
UX Researcher, Hack for LA


Marika Criss Hall, Ph.D.
“You are the business card of your won subject, so if you’re a pedagogical Gestapo you don’t have a subject anymore:” Issues in Finnish language education in policy and practice
The Pennsylvania State University, University Park

J. Elliott Casal, Ph.D.
An integrated corpus and genre analysis approach to writing research and pedagogy: Development of graduate student genre knowledge
Department of English, University of Memphis

Mohammad Naseh Nasrollahi Shahri, Ph.D.
Trajectories of international graduate students’ socialization into research article writing: Multiple case studies
Department of Linguistics, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

Katherine Allyn Masters, Ph.D.
Engaged language planning, policy, and teacher development in Nicaragua: Partnership at the interface of global English discourse and emerging teacher praxis
Department of Bicultural-Bilingual Studies, University of Texas at San Antonio

Jungwan Yoon, Ph.D.
Writing beyond the obvious: The effects of tasks on student writing in ESL freshman composition<
Department of English, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

Miso Kim, Ph.D.
South Korean entry-level jobseekers’ English-language learning in the neoliberal job market
Center for English as a Lingua Franca, Tamagawa University, Tokyo, Japan

Jade Sandbulte, Ph.D.
Invisible sojourners: Second language socialization among international spouses
Academic Writing and Learning Center, University of Minnesota Duluth

Jamie Kim, Ph.D.
A conversation analytic study on what makes students talk: Mobilizing responses in classroom interaction
Center for Teaching and Learning, Columbia University


Michael Amory, Ph.D.
A process of becoming: A longitudinal analysis of pre-service teacher development through an MA TESL program
Department of English, Oklahoma State University

Madhav Kafle, Ph.D.
Negotiating academic literacy in mobility: Undergraduate refugee students’ challenges in US higher education

Department of English, Rutgers University


Seth L. King, Ph.D.
Teaching assistant pedagogical development: Evolution, biological change over time, and concept based instruction
ICA Language Services, Arlington, VA

Mathurin (Mint) Leelasetakul, Ph.D.
Lexical bundle use by Thai undergraduate learners of English
Department of English, Chulalongkorn University

Ben Pin-Yun Wang, Ph.D.
A Cognitive-pragmatic study on modal verbs of possibility in Chinese
Department of Pacific and Asian Studies, University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada

Olesya Kisselev, Ph.D.
Word order and information structure in the writing of heritage and second language learners of Russian: An exploratory study
Department of Bicultural-Bilingual Studies, University of Texas at San Antonio

Daisuke Kimura, Ph.D.
English as a lingua franca, multilingualism, and social networks in study abroad: Narrative case studies of Japanese students in Thailand
Center for Global Communication Strategies, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Sheng-Hsun Lee, Ph.D.
Learning Chinese in and beyond study abroad: Two longitudinal case studies of language learning processes
School of Languages and Cultures, The University of Queensland, Australia

Qian Wu, Ph.D.
Communicating emotions in L2 Chinese: A mixed-methods multiple case study of American learners of Chinese studying abroad in China
Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Ryerson University, Canada


Priscilla Maunette Ortiz, Ph.D.
Multimodal coordination of interaction by interpreters in bilingual healthcare encounters
Department of Interpreting Services, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)

Eunjeoung Lee, Ph.D.
Translingual disposition, negotiation practices, and rhetorical attunement: Multilingual writers
Department of English, University of Houston, TX

Lindsey Kurtz, Ph. D.
“I don’t know why. I just make comparisons.”: Concept-based instruction to promote development of a second legal languaculture in international LL.M. students
Penn State Law, The Pennsylvania State University,


Abby Mueller Dobs, Ph.D.
A conversation analytic approach to motivation: Fostering motivation in the L2 classroom through play

Jeremy Gevara, Ph.D.
Confirming the impact of performance tasks on latent class membership and placement decisions
Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center, Monterey, CA

Patria Lopez de Victoria, Ph.D.
Narratives of self in older bilingual adults diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease
Department of English, University of Puerto Rico-Cayey

Brooke Ricker Schreiber, Ph.D.
Negotiation of pedagogy in EFL writing instruction
Department of English, Baruch College, New York, NY

Jhu Hyoung Youn, Ph.D.
Evidentiality in interaction: The role of Korean inferential evidentials


Haiyang Ai, Ph.D.
Promoting second language development with concept-based instruction and intelligent computer-assisted language learning
Department of Literacy and Second Language Studies, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

Brody Bluemel, Ph.D.
Parallel corpora and pedagogy: Enhancing Chinese foreign language learning experience through parallel corpus technology
Department of English, Delaware State University, Dover, DE

Kimberly Buescher Urbanski, Ph.D.
Developing second language narrative literacy using concept-based instruction and a division-of-labor pedagogy
College of Liberal Arts, University of Massachusetts-Boston

Edie Furniss, Ph.D.
A web-based instructional module for the teaching of routine formulas in Russian
Department of English, University of Helsinki, Finland

Mary Kathryn Malone, Ph.D.
Sociopragmatic competence and L2 self: Discursive choices in advanced L2 French narratives
Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Kenyon College, Gambier, OH

Yumi Matsumoto, Ph.D.
Multimodal communicative strategies for resolving miscommunication in multilingual writing classrooms
Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Kaushalya Perera, Ph.D.
Discourses of militarisation in Sri Lankan universities
Department of English, University of Columbo, Sri Lanka

Dorothy Worden, Ph.D.
The development of L2 writing teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge in teaching activity
Department of English, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL


Alissa J. Hartig, Ph.D.
Connecting disciplinary concepts and language: A study of legal literacy development in a second language and legal culture
Department of Applied Linguistics, Portland State University, Portland, OR

Gretchen Nauman, Ph.D.
Paths to new conceptualizations of literacy in Chinese EFL teachers
Jilin University, Jilin, China

Thomas Tasker, Ph.D.
Exploring EFL teacher professional development through lesson study:  An activity theoretical approach
American English Institute, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

Mei-Hsing Tsai, Ph.D.
Usage-based cognitive semantics in L2 collocation: A microgenetic analysis of EFL students’ collocational knowledge
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Xian Zhang, Ph.D.
Teachability hypothesis and concept-based instruction: Topicalization in Chinese as a second language
Department of Linguistics, University of North Texas, Denton, TX


Ekaterina Arshavskaya, Ph.D.
Collaborative mentoring activities: Supporting the development of teaching expertise
Department of Languages, Philosophy, and Communication Studies, Utah State University, Salt Lake City, UT

Larysa Bobrova, Ph.D.
Identification of Multimodal Metaphor in TV Commercials
Department of English, Miami University, Oxford, OH

Julieta Fernandez, Ph.D.
Social networks and colloquial language development in study abroad
Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

Jiyun Kim, Ph.D.
Developing conceptual understanding of sarcasm in a second language through concept based instruction
Catholic University of Korea, Seoul

Houxiang Li, Ph.D.
Grammar and lexis in interaction: A conversation analysis of talk in small group work in ESL classes
School of English Education, GuangDong University of Foreign Studies, China

Tetyana Smotrova, Ph.D.
Instructional functions of speech and gesture in the L2 classroom
Center for English Language Communication, National University of Singapore

I Nyoman Suka Sanjaya, Ph.D.
Hedging and boosting in English and Indonesian research articles
Bali State Polytechnic, Bali, Indonesia


Rémi Adam van Compernolle, Ph.D.
Developing second language sociopragmatic capacity through concept-based instruction
Department of Modern Languages, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

Tracy Davis, Ph.D.
Undergraduate vs. graduate academic English:  A corpus-based analysis
Department of English Language and Literature, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI

Sungwoo Kim, Ph.D.
Development of meaning making in second language writing of international graduate students: A sociocultural and cognitive linguistic perspective
Seoul National University, Korea

Wei Lai, Ph.D.
Concept-based foreign language pedagogy: Teaching the Chinese temporal system
Queensborough Community College, Bayside, NY


Duff Johnston, Ph.D.
Interactional resources for instructors’ collective decision-making: Evidence from EFL teachers’ meetings in China
Institute of English, Seattle Central, Seattle, WA

Hyewon Lee, Ph.D.
Concept-based approach to second language teaching and learning: Cognitive linguistics-inspired instruction of English phrasal verbs

Alina Pajtek, Ph.D.
A cross-linguistic and cross-cultural analysis of taste, food, cooking, and interaction in a corpus of television cooking shows from Romania and the US
Department of Linguistics and ESL Composition, Harper College, Palatine, IL

Brenda Ross, Ph.D.
Language, identity, and investment in the English language of a group of Mexican women living in Southeastern Pennsylvania
Department of Romance Languages, University of Georgia, Athens

Jie Zhang, Ph.D.
The acquisition of the Chinese resultative verb complements by learners of Chinese as a foreign language:  A learner corpus approach
Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK


Selim Ben Said, Ph.D.
Urban street signs in the linguistic landscape of Tunisia: Tensions in policy, representation and attitudes
National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan

Sharon Childs, Ph.D.
Language teacher cognition: Tracing the conceptualizations of second language teachers
Department of Applied Linguistics, The Pennsylvania State University

Soeun Cho, Ph.D.
Project-based learning in a foreign language immersion camp
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul, Korea

Stefanie Rehn, Ph.D.
The spoken self: An ethnographic exploration of accent and identity
MasterControl, Inc., Resource Manager, Salt Lake City, UT

Kwanghyun Park, Ph.D.
Enhancing lexico-grammatical performance through corpus-based mediation in L2 academic writing instruction
Department of English Language and Literature, Myongji University, Korea

Davi Schirmer Reis, Ph.D.
Non-native English speaking teachers and professional legitimacy: A sociocultural theoretical perspective on identity transformation
Analytical Analyst, Grammarly, Pittsburgh, PA


Kyungja Ahn, Ph.D.
Learning to teach within the curricular reform context: a sociocultural perspective on English student teachers’ practicum experience in South Korea
Seoul National University of Education, Korea

Chas Brua, Ph.D.
Health-care access in a rural area: Perspectives from Russian-speaking immigrants, English-speaking doctors, and volunteer interpreters
Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence, The Pennsylvania State University

Emily Rine, Ph.D.
Development in dialogic teaching skills: A micro-analytic case study of a pre-service ITA
Center for Written and Oral Communication, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Elizabeth Smolcic, Ph.D.
Preparing teachers for diverse classrooms: an activity theoretical analysis of teacher learning and development
Department of Curriculum and Instruction, The Pennsylvania State University


Bonnie Alco, Ph.D.
Negotiating academic discourse in a second language: A case study and analysis
Department of Education, University of Scranton, Scranton, PA

Eun-Ju Kim, Ph.D.
In the midst of EFT curricular reform: An activity theory analysis of teachers’ and student’s experiences in South Korea.
Hanyang Women’s University, Seoul, South Korean

Amber Navarre, Ph.D.
Discourse of female marriage-based immigrants in Taiwan
Department of Modern Languages and Comparative Literature, Boston University

Xingren Xu, Ph.D.
Exploring the impact of aging through transitivity: A systemic functional approach to Chinese elders’ narratives.
School of Foreign Languages, Hebei University of Technology, Tianjin, China


Parastou Feiz, Ph.D.
The expression and conceptualization of motion through space and manner of motion in Persian and English:  A comparative analysis
Department of Applied Linguistics and TESL, California State University, San Bernardino, CA

Victoria Hasko (neé Driagina), Ph.D.
Crossing and bridging spaces in a second language: A corpus-based investigation of motion talk by American learners of Russian
Department of Language and Literacy Education, University of Georgia, Athens, GA

Jonathon Reinhardt, Ph.D.
Directives usage by ITAs: An applied learner corpus analysis
Department of English, The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ


Hanae Katayama, Ph.D.
A cross-cultural analysis of humor in stand-up comedy in the United States and Japan
Department of International Studies, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

Xuehua Xiang, Ph.D.
A Discourse-pragmatic study of interactional particles in Shishan (Hainan Island, P.R., China)
Department of Linguistics, University of Illinois at Chicago


An Cheng, Ph.D.
Genre and learning : Exploring learners and learning in the ESP genre-based framework of learning academic writing
Department of English, Oklahoma State University, Norman, OK

Marilia Mendes Ferreira, Ph.D.
A concept-based approach to writing instruction: from the abstract concept to the concrete performance
Department of Modern Languages, University of São Paulo, Brazil


Jong Oh Eun, Ph.D.
How idealized American English norms are created and reinforced in English lessons on television: A discourse analysis of two popular English language TV shows in Korea
Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center, Monterey, CA