Centers conduct and facilitate research in an area of interest to the field. They spearhead interdepartmental and interdisciplinary initiatives and reach out to educators and professionals in the wider community by providing services and by disseminating information.  The Department of Applied Linguistics houses four Centers.

Center for Advanced Language Proficiency Education and Research (CALPER)

CALPER: Center for Advanced Language Proficiency Education and Research at Penn StateThe Center for Advanced Language Proficiency Education and Research (CALPER) is one of a small number of national language resource centers (LRC) funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education. Established in 2002, CALPER has focused on supporting language education through (a) developing innovative teaching materials, (b) expanding language learning assessment procedures, (c) conducting critical research to inform teaching practice, (d) creating extensive online professional development resources, and (e) offering intensive institutes and workshops for language educators. CALPER received a new award from the U.S. Department of Education in October 2014 and with support from the College of the Liberal Arts will continue operation at The Pennsylvania State University. For more information on CALPER and its activities, please visit the web site at


Center for Language Acquisition (CLA)

The Center for Language Acquisition (CLA) is a research unit in the College of the Liberal Arts. Its primary focus is on conducting and supporting Applied Linguistics research on the teaching, learning, and assessment of foreign and second languages. It also develops and disseminates second language teaching and assessment materials based in the research paradigms of Applied Linguistics. For more information about current activities, please visit the web site of the Center for Language Acquisition at


Center for Research on English Language Learning and Teaching (CRELLT)

The Center for Research on English Language Learning and Teaching (CRELLT) functions as a catalyst for advancing the Department’s established scholarly focus on the teaching and learning of ESL, with a particular focus on the non-credit Intensive English Communication Program (IECP). CRELLT regularly holds research meetings, such as monthly CA data sessions and biennial research meetings. More information on current projects and activities is available at the web site of CRELLT at


English for Professional Purposes Intercultural Center (EPPIC)

The English for Professional Purposes Intercultural Center (EPPIC) is a new initiative designed to provide research-based support for advanced English language learning and professional development to the growing cadre of internationals at Penn State.  To fulfill its mission, EPPIC conducts research on key genres of spoken and written communication across academic and professional communities at Penn State, and offers specialized English language services to assist international students, researchers and faculty in developing  the advanced-level communication skills that will enhance their current and future career success.  EPPIC also aims to foster a climate of intercultural and multilingual exchange at Penn State by offering workshops on cross-cultural communication for administrators, faculty, staff and students. For more information, please visit the web site of EPPIC at

Migration Studies Project

Migration Studies Project

The Migration Studies Project (MSP) is an interdisciplinary group of faculty members and graduate students. MSP is conducting research on skilled migration with member institutions of the Worldwide Universities Network. The research explores the role of language competence in facilitating development activities through skilled migration. In addition to fieldwork, the group meets to analyze data, plan collaborative publications, develop grant proposals, and organize seminars and lectures for the university community. Further information about the Migration Studies Project is available at

Other College Organizations

Intensive English Communication Program (IECP)

The IECP is a premier, academically-focused intensive English program composed of a vibrant community of students, faculty and staff. In teaching and service, the mission of the Intensive English Communication Program is to provide outstanding instruction in academic English communication to adult English language learners so that they can successfully participate in American institutions of higher education. The IECP is also committed to the continuous professional development of our faculty and staff and to contributing service and leadership to the TESOL profession through our faculty members’ teaching, service and committee work.  The website of the IECP with detailed information of its program and application guidelines can be found at