Julian Canjura

Julian Canjura

Teaching Assistant, ITA Program (Fall 2023)


B.A., Linguistics, University of California at Santa Cruz
M.A., TESL (with concentration in Applied Linguistics), Northern Arizona University

Professional Bio

Areas of Interest: developmental pragmatics, sociocultural internet linguistics, applied corpus linguistics, and second language acquisition.

Julian Canjura is a PhD student in Applied Linguistics. He is generally interested in socioculturally-oriented internet linguistics, pragmatics, and the role of language and language ideology in political socialization processes. More specifically, he examines the ways in which pragmatic norms, beliefs about language, and aspects of power and political socialization are constructed, negotiated, and controlled through interaction in online discourse and social media spaces. He employs a variety of primarily qualitative methods, including critical multimodal discourse and nexus analytic approaches, to study online language practices and language beliefs and their role in larger political constructions.