Özge Deniz

Özge Deniz

Fulbright Scholarship
Ozge Deniz


B.A., Boğaziçi University, 2017
M.A., Boğaziçi University, 2021

Professional Bio

Areas of Interest: Multilingualism, identity, migration.

Özge Deniz is a Ph.D. student in Applied Linguistics. For her master’s thesis, she participated in a multi-sited linguistic ethnography project in which she focused on the linguistic identity practices of two multilingual Ugandan women living in Istanbul as translocal migrants and employed Bourdieusian and chronotopic lenses to analyze their interactions. Her academic pursuits have given rise to a profound interest in multilingualism, identity, migration, linguistic ethnography, and interaction analysis. She is particularly captivated by the intricate ways in which various identities are enacted, reproduced, and challenged through multilingual practices in migrant contexts. Özge’s curiosity extends to exploring how these practices interact with prevalent language ideologies within the host society. Using qualitative inquiry, her goal is to unravel the multilingual lives led by various immigrant communities, with a specific focus on Sub-Saharan Africans in Istanbul. She aims to delve deeply into the nuanced relationship between language and identity within diverse multilingual African communities in the city by adopting a chronotopic-scalar approach to their day-to-day interactions.