Busi Makoni

Busi Makoni

Assistant Teaching Professor of African Studies and Applied Linguistics
112 Willard Building
Area(s) of Specialization: Language and law, Language planning, Language Policy, Language, Gender, and Sexuality, Language, Identity, and Ideology, Visual semiotics and multimodality
Busi Makoni


Ph.D., Second Language Acquisition, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Professional Bio

Recent Courses

  • Language rights, policy and planning
  • Gender Dynamics in Africa
  • Introduction to Contemporary Africa
  • Africa in cinema

Selected Publications

Makoni, B. (2018). Beyond country of birth: Heritage language learning and the construction of identities of resistance. Heritage language Journal Vol 15 (1), 79-94

Makoni, B. (2017) Status of women’s language’ in a multilingual jurisdiction: Power and ethics in legal monolingualism,” International Journal of the Sociology of Language. Issue 243. Pages 133-154

Makoni, B. (2016) Labeling black male genitalia and the ‘new racism’: The discursive construction of sexual racism by a group of Southern African college students. Gender and Language Journal, Vol. 10 (1); 48-72.

Abdelhay, A.; Makoni, B. & Makoni, S. B. (2016). The colonial linguistics of governance in Sudan: the Rejaf Language Conference, 1928. Journal of African Cultural Studies. Vol. 15 (1), 1-17

Makoni, B. (2015). Labeling Female Genitalia in a Southern African Context: Gendering of embodiment, Africana womanism and the Politics of Reclamation. Feminist Studies, 41(1), 42-71.

Makoni, B. (2014). Feminizing Linguistic Human Rights: Use of ‘isihlonipho sabafazi’ in the courtroom and intra-group linguistic differences. Journal of Multicultural Discourses Vol. 9 (1); 27-43.

Makoni, B. (2013). Women of the Diaspora: A Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis of Migration Narratives of Dual career Zimbabwean Migrants. Gender and Language Journal Equinox Press, 7(2), 201-231.

Makoni, B. (2012). Discourses of silence: The Construction of ‘otherness’ in family planning pamphlets. Discourse and Communication. 6(4), 401-422.