Busi Makoni

Busi Makoni

Busi Makoni

Teaching Assistant Professor of African Studies and Applied Linguistics
112 Willard Building
Busi Makoni

Professional Bio


  • Ph.D., Second Language Acquisition, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Areas of Specialization

  • Language, gender and sexuality
  • Language and law
  • Language, Identity, and Ideology
  • Language policy and planning
  • Visual semiotics and multimodality

Recent Courses

  • Language rights, policy and planning
  • Gender Dynamics in Africa
  • Introduction to Contemporary Africa
  • Africa in cinema

Selected Publications

Makoni, B. (2018). Beyond country of birth: Heritage language learning and the construction of identities of resistance. Heritage language Journal Vol 15 (1), 79-94

Makoni, B. (2017) Status of women’s language’ in a multilingual jurisdiction: Power and ethics in legal monolingualism,” International Journal of the Sociology of Language. Issue 243. Pages 133-154

Makoni, B. (2016) Labeling black male genitalia and the ‘new racism’: The discursive construction of sexual racism by a group of Southern African college students. Gender and Language Journal, Vol. 10 (1); 48-72.

Abdelhay, A.; Makoni, B. & Makoni, S. B. (2016). The colonial linguistics of governance in Sudan: the Rejaf Language Conference, 1928. Journal of African Cultural Studies. Vol. 15 (1), 1-17

Makoni, B. (2015). Labeling Female Genitalia in a Southern African Context: Gendering of embodiment, Africana womanism and the Politics of Reclamation. Feminist Studies, 41(1), 42-71.

Makoni, B. (2014). Feminizing Linguistic Human Rights: Use of ‘isihlonipho sabafazi’ in the courtroom and intra-group linguistic differences. Journal of Multicultural Discourses Vol. 9 (1); 27-43.

Makoni, B. (2013). Women of the Diaspora: A Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis of Migration Narratives of Dual career Zimbabwean Migrants. Gender and Language Journal Equinox Press, 7(2), 201-231.

Makoni, B. (2012). Discourses of silence: The Construction of ‘otherness’ in family planning pamphlets. Discourse and Communication. 6(4), 401-422.