Yulia S. Khoruzhaya

Yulia S. Khoruzhaya

Adjunct, ITA Program (Fall 2023)
Yulia S. Khoruzhaya


B.A./Specialist, English and Spanish Philology, Southern Federal University, Russia
M.A., Spanish Philology, Southern Federal University, Russia
M.A., TESOL, American University, Washington, DC

Professional Bio

Areas of Interest: usage-based accounts of L2 learning, psycholinguistics, corpus linguistics.

Yulia Khoruzhaya is a Ph.D. candidate in Applied Linguistics. Prior to her arrival to Penn State, she earned an M.A. in TESOL from the American University in Washington, DC. Her research interests include usage-based approaches to second language learning and processing, corpus linguistics, and the role of explicit instruction in L2 grammar learning. Her dissertation project explores longitudinal aspects of adult second language learning, specifically the effects of input- and learner-related factors contributing to the development of motion expressions in learners studying Spanish as a foreign language.