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Visiting Scholar Program

The Department of Applied Linguistics is able to accommodate a limited number of Visiting Scholars, typically up to three each academic year, for a period of three to twelve months. It is recommended that Visiting Scholars schedule their visit during the period of August to May, when classes are in  session and faculty members are available. The Department is interested in visitors with a strong research program that complements its activities and research priorities. It is also important that the research interests of the Visiting Scholar relate well to the expertise of the sponsoring faculty member  from the Department.

Visiting Scholars will have a PhD and either a faculty position or postdoctoral researcher status. Occasionally advanced graduate students pursuing  dissertation research at other institutions may be considered, especially if they are applying for established exchange programs, and their research would  benefit from the expertise of the sponsoring faculty member.  Prospective visitors should contact the faculty member with whom they wish to work before submitting a formal application. If the faculty member is willing and able to act as host, he or she will become the Visiting Scholar’s primary point of contact with the Department. All concerns about the process of application should be addressed to the faculty host.  When a faculty member and an applicant have arrived at an agreement concerning the research project, the applicant should submit a formal application to the sponsoring faculty member.

The application form can be downloaded here.

The application form should be accompanied by a curriculum vitae. The application should be sent at least a year before the intended visit. Decisions  about sponsorship are made in December and April. Those intending to visit at the beginning of the academic year (September) should send their  applications by the final week of the previous November.

Before the Department initiates any work related to obtaining visas (for international scholars) and other formal documents, it is necessary that Visiting  Scholars show evidence of financial support. Sufficient time should be reserved for obtaining visas and other relevant documents.  Visiting Scholars will be required to fulfill the medical insurance requirement.  Appointments as Visiting Scholars are non-compensated. Benefits include a Penn State ID, entitling the visitor to use all services restricted to ID holders (i.e., full library services, a Penn State email account, websites and internet access through the University's system, sports facilities, and the Bookstore). Some services such as sports facilities require a membership fee. Because of limited resources, the Department cannot guarantee a personal computer, supplies, or an office. Opportunities might be available for sharing computers and offices. Computers and work space are available in public sites in the  University, such as the Library.

Visiting Scholars are encouraged to participate in Department sponsored roundtable, research/discussion groups, and visiting speaker series. They should also consider presenting their own research in these forums. They can attend graduate courses, as space permits, with the consent of the instructor.