Graduate ESL/EAP

At the graduate level, we offer two elective courses: a 3-credit course on academic writing–ESL 116G Composition in the Academic Disciplines, and a 3-credit course in basic oral communication and pronunciation skills, ESL 114G, American Oral English for Academic Purposes.

Course Descriptions

ESL116G  Composition for Academic Disciplines

This course is designed for international students at the graduate level who are preparing to engage in scholarly activity in their academic disciplines. Through reading and writing selected rhetorical models of academic discourse, students will become able to analyze and use the organizational structure of various models of academic texts. They will engage in contextualized language activities, learning to match appropriate English linguistic forms to specific rhetorical purposes.

Students will be expected to gather appropriate sources, organize information, and compose various models of academic essays and research papers. By the end of the course, students will be able to translate their research activities into written reports that conform to the expectations of the English-speaking academic community.

This course can be required for graduate students who are provisionally admitted due to low TOEFL scores. Some departments use this class to prepare students for written comprehensive exams or in lieu of a writing test.

ESL114G   American English for Academic Purposes

This course is designed for graduate students who are non-native speakers of English and who need to develop and improve their oral communication skills for effective interaction in social, as well as academic settings in English-speaking environments. Activities include: (a) a pre- and post-testing of oral proficiency for diagnostic and achievement purposes; (b) a series of in-class oral presentations which are audio-taped and videotaped for self, peer, and instructor evaluation; (c) participation in group discussions, role plays, and impromptu speeches; and, (d) various oral language assignments, including listening and pronunciation activities, transcriptions of recorded speech, and the creation of an audio-taped oral dialogue journal.

This course can be required for graduate students who are provisionally admitted due to low TOEFL scores.

Note: ESL/EAP (English as a Second Language / English for Academic Purposes) classes are offered through the Department of Applied Linguistics only for undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled as matriculated students at the University. If you are interested in studying English in order to prepare for the TOEFL test, enter an American university, or improve your general English skills, please visit the website of our Intensive English Communication Program, the IECP.