Teaching in the ESL/EAP Program

Teaching in the ESL/EAP Program

The instructional staff in the ESL/EAP program includes current doctoral and MA Teaching Assistants, Teaching Fellows, full-time lecturers, and adjunct instructors. Teaching assignments are made with every attempt to match expressed preferences and availability.

All instructors participate in program meetings, contribute to curriculum development, participate in professional development events, mentor practicum students from the M.A. TESL program, and engage in the peer observation program.

ESL/EAP classes undergo on-going revision and curriculum development. Our writing classes feature a genre-based approach to the teaching of writing, with a strong focus on acculturating international students to the expectations of academic study in the American university context. Academic readings, informal writing assignments, and oral presentations complement the major written assignments.

ESL116G graduate students primarily work on written work assigned in their own discipline. ESL114G students practice pronunciation, give oral presentations, lead group discussions, and work on a variety of topics from general and discipline-specific domains.

Sample syllabi for each of our core ESL/EAP classes are available:

Sample syllabus ESL015

Sample syllabus ESL114G

Sample syllabus ESL116G

If you are an instructor in the ESL/EAP programs and have any questions about your teaching responsibilities, contact the Director, Dr. Deryn Verity dpv3@psu.edu.

To apply for a position as an instructor in the ESL/EAP program, please consult the list of open job postings on the Penn State Human Resources portal at http://psu.jobs/.